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We are one of the leading manufacturers in Iran  & West Asia as well as the Middle East, We Produce different grades of Bleached Cotton Linter Pulp (BCL) Chemical Cotton Pulp, Unbleached (UBCL) /Purified Cotton Linter Pulp and also Double Bleached (DBCL) Cotton Linter Pulp. We offer to manufacture our product according to the specifications required by the customers. The Company's products have been certified for their quality.

The Company's infra structural facilities have been certified by Directorate General Quality Assurances, Technical Committee (AS), Government of Iran. 

All The Products are free from dirt, seed husks, and other extraneous impurities.  

Our Product is the basic raw material used in the manufacture of several Industrial products. For example Nitro Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate and such other chemical derivatives as Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Cellulose Powders etc. It is also useful in the manufacture of specialty papers like a rag, bond and filter papers.

Year of Establishment   :  1995
Production technology : BELLMER / FRITZ WERNER Germany 
Production Capacity : 20,000 MT per annum 
Factory Size : 11 Hectare
Our Present Market :